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AUTBUS: A Mighty Multidrop Fieldbus

AUTBUS: A Mighty Multidrop Fieldbus

AUTBUS Broadband Bus technology stand at the forefront of industrial networking, representing the world’s first integration of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IPv6 technologies into a two-wire broadband bus system.

Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of smart manufacturing, AUTBUS offers unparalleled high bandwidth and real-time communication capabilities. It symbolizes a pivotal advancement in unifying communication protocols, paving the way for a new era in intelligent manufacturing and industrial efficiency.

AUTBUS Technology

AUTBUS is a new IEC standardized industrial broadband fieldbus and listed under the number IEC 61158 Type 28 and IEC 61784 CPF22. AUTBUS can be used with a balanced cable, such as a single twisted-pair cable, or an unbalanced cable, such as coaxial cable. With a qualified single twisted-pair cable, up to 254 multi-drop data network nodes can be reached over a distance of up to 500 meters, at a data transmission speed of 100Mbit/s.
On physical layer, AUTBUS uses OFDM technology (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) to adapt channel conditions and against narrow-band interference which make AUTBUS a perfect solution for industrial communication technology in hash environment. OFDM technology has been used in wired and wireless communication. With its characteristics of broadband, low latency and determination, AUTBUS is predestined for the field of industrial wired data communication. The mission-critical deterministic challenges exist in a variety of industrial applications for which the AUTBUS can be of great benefit.

In addition, AUTBUS supports data tunnelling, with which, e.g., Ethernet-based transmission protocols as well as other communication protocols like CAN Bus can be transmitted transparently from one data connection point to another via the passive multi-drop data network without translating these protocols.

Key Features:

  • Up to 254 multidrop nodes
  • 2-wire twisted pair cable (polarity insensitive)
  • 100Mbps high data bandwidth
  • Up to 500 meters distance
  • Real-time deterministic
  • Bus and Ring topology
  • Multi-bus protocol tunneling: Ethernet, EtherCAT, Modbus, CAN
  • Compatible with SPE System Alliance Connector

Learn More About AUTBUS

Real-time Multidrop Fieldbus with High Data Bandwidth

AUTBUS is an industrial broadband fieldbus, it has been published as the latest IEC standard, IEC 61158 type 28. It is a multi-drop data communication networking technology predestined for applications in the field of industrial wired data communication.


Typical applications for the AUTBUS with its multidrop data network technology can be used in the following applications:

Factory Automation: Integrates into industrial controls, sensors, and actuators, supporting existing fieldbus installations via data tunneling with protocols like ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP, or ModbusTCP.

Parking Management: Enhances parking systems with barriers, sensors, cameras, app-based reservations, cashless payments, and modern technologies through the AUTBUS multidrop solution.

EV Charging Stations: Facilitates easy networking and expansion of public EV charging stations, integrating additional devices for access control, billing, and maintenance.

Building Infrastructures: Supports intelligent building applications by fitting directly at device outlets in digital ceiling systems, enabling 100 Mbit data rates. Ideal for regularly spaced applications such as blind controls on window fronts.

Product Highlights

KLG Smartec ABN300 Series

The ABN300 series, a product of KLG Smartec, supports one (1) AUTBUS port and a variety of additional interfaces, including Ethernet, CAN and RS485. ABN300 series provides the effective transmission of multiple protocols and data types via AUTBUS networks and supports multidrop connections, long distances (up to 500m) transmission with 100Mbps system bandwidth.

The ABN300 series represents an optimal communication solution for industrial sectors such as Process Automation, Oil & Gas Pipeline Management, Renewable Energy, Building Automation, Factory Automation, and Rail Way Construction.