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OPC UA Publisher/Subscriber offers an elegant solution for achieving interoperability between control systems.

Secure and flexible IT/OT integration based on OPC UA

Middleware offers possibility of seamless and secure data transfer based on OPC UA. Data transfer plays an especially important …

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Advanced Manufacturing

Industrial Internet of Things Progress Report

A broad set of IIoT-enabling technologies from Industrial 5G to OPC UA, cloud and edge computing, Time Sensitive …

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The main benefits of 5G are higher bandwidth, greater reliability, lower latency, and lower power consumption.

Secure remote access via public 5G networks

It is only a matter of time until 5G will establish itself in industry. The flexibility of 5G …

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Enhanced Mobile Broadband with 5G

5g on test bench for industry: what’s possible in the future?

5G and other wireless technologies represent an ideal supplement to wired communication solutions, each with its own specific …

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A proprietary IIoT connectivity solution.

Deciding if open or proprietary IIoT solutions are right for you

The IIoT has become a key technology for the success of most businesses. Find out what’s the best …

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Industrial automation standard for portability and Industry 4.0

IEC 61499: standard for portability and Industry 4.0

IEC 61499 defines a high-level system design language for distributed information and control. It allows encapsulation of functionality, …

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Data integration for innovative IoT solutions must fulfill a series of complex requirements, while architectural issues have a key role to play in implementation.

Data integration for the Industrial Internet of Things

IT architectures need to play a vital role in IIoT system architectures, with gateways evolving to provide more …

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Unlocking rich data streams with 10BASE-T1L for enterprise-level data analytics engines.

10BASE-T1L extends Big Data analytics to edge of networks

The rapid development of 10BASE-T1L components is enabling industrial equipment manufacturers to start developing new Industrial Ethernet-enabled products. …

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