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Industrial Edge hierarchy diagram

Integrate Machine Data Efficiently and Scalably into IIoT Applications

Companies are increasingly leveraging the capabilities of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to transfer process and device …

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MQTT support for device connectivity

What’s Next for IIoT Device Connectivity?

Are your devices ready to provide connectivity for large-scale and highly distributed applications in an increasingly interconnected world?

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System Overview

Secure data and network in IIoT applications

Solar plants have critical monitoring and management needs. In many cases, traditional wired infrastructure for monitoring and management …

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Digital transformation is driving manufacturing.

Navigating Digitization of the Manufacturing Sector with Industry 4.0

Digitally transformed businesses acquire many capabilities and advantages that were previously not accessible. Navigating your plant in the …

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2022 Industrial Ethernet Showcase Special Report

Industrial Ethernet 2022 Special Report

2022 Special Report in the Industrial Ethernet Book explores the latest technologies and trends in industrial networking including …

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Smart Manufacturing plant

Industrial Internet of Things 2022 Progress Report

Industry experts provide their perspective on the state of the Industrial Internet of Things. Our 2022 progress report …

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In the industrial IoT, all automation components and smart objects are flexibly linked to one another and connected to cloud systems

IIoT architectures revolutionize factory production management

Ever shorter response times, increasing volatility and almost unmanageable complexity are bringing production challenges into sharp focus. But …

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SMS Cloud components from Secure Software Framework.

Predictive maintenance leverages software frameworks

The Otosense SMS technology solution consists of an edge device called Smart Motor Sensor (SMS), Android and iOS …

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