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TSN offers the potential to help in the convergence of IT and OT operations, and the use of different, non-interoperable industrial Ethernet protocols.

Industry 4.0 challenges and the promise of convergence

The Industry 4.0 paradigm is continuing to reshape every industrial sector. The data-driven, automated technologies that this framework …

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Tailyn Time-Sensitive Networking and 5G solutions

TSN for 5G private networks, 5G IoT industrial and Smart Manufacturing

Tailyn builds rugged and Time-Sensitive Networking which has been implemented in its 5G Fronthaul switch, TSN switch, 90W …

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IIoT Megatrends: 2023 Special Report

Industry experts provide their perspective on the megatrends and technology shaping the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Automation …

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HARTING & SICK support TRUMPF with connected services for autonomous all-in-one laser centres

HARTING supports TRUMPF with connected services for autonomous all-in-one laser centres

Single Pair Ethernet as backbone for IoT data services.

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Figure 3. Insulin pump authentication is a simplified example of root of trust.

Technical approaches to defend and protect IoT nodes

Creating a secure IoT node begins with a “root of trust”, a small affordable integrated circuit designed to …

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Basis for an end-to-end security strategy

Managing assets as part of device and update management. Due to the development of automated tools for identifying …

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There is an urgent need to improve cyber security for OT that must start with education and research.

OPC UA enabling technology for IIoT communications

OPC UA easily connects the shop floor to the top floor in a semantic and standardized way. It …

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The lack of data, communication options, computing capacity and visualization options prevents the integration into a monitoring or even predictive maintenance system. But new technology options are opening up ways to retrofit mechanical subsystems into the league of IIoT devices.

Role of IIoT sensors and cloud in data-driven maintenance

Smart condition monitoring uses artificial intelligence to make mechanical plant components fit into data-driven maintenance models. In these …

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