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Organizations are bringing an ever-increasing number of industrial assets online. Some endpoints such as high-resolution cameras, Wi-Fi 6/6E access points, and those needed for real-time communication required on the plant floor are driving the need for higher switching and routing capacities requiring Industrial Ethernet to adopt technologies and architectures from their enterprise counterparts.

2023 Industrial Ethernet Solutions Showcase

This Connectivity Showcase presents the viewpoints of eight industry experts. With Factory Automation Connectivity Solutions, manufacturers are collecting …

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Flood warning and notification in low-lying areas, and river level monitoring.

Mitigating extreme climates through IoT remote monitoring

IoT remote monitoring is achieved using a data logger that provides a powerful tool and enables applications to …

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BTG required a networking technology that could be embedded into its system's IRM sensor, allowing the sensor to communicate over PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and CANopen networks.

Network connectivity solution for automated container ports

To achieve the level of dynamic control required for multi-ton loads of shipping containers traveling in three dimensions …

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Valuable findings should become accessible to edge devices and embedded systems but the most significant challenge of integration in building systems is data management.

Power embedded systems by making sense of data

Journey to securely streaming, smoothing, and storing time series embedded IoT data. A streaming database processes new real-time …

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The Industry 4.0 megatrend is now being applied across a wide swath of industrial sectors where it is benefitting discrete and process manufacturing,

Three ways manufacturers can embrace Industry 4.0

Before Industry 4.0, OT devices and systems were “air-gapped” to isolate them from risk. That is not possible …

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Connectivity as a key component for IIoT data integration

Connectivity is key to IIoT data integration

Machine connectivity is a central component of the digital factory. IoT applications, monitoring, and data analysis can only …

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TSN offers the potential to help in the convergence of IT and OT operations, and the use of different, non-interoperable industrial Ethernet protocols.

Industry 4.0 challenges and the promise of convergence

The Industry 4.0 paradigm is continuing to reshape every industrial sector. The data-driven, automated technologies that this framework …

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Tailyn Time-Sensitive Networking and 5G solutions

TSN for 5G private networks, 5G IoT industrial and Smart Manufacturing

Tailyn builds rugged and Time-Sensitive Networking which has been implemented in its 5G Fronthaul switch, TSN switch, 90W …

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