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IO-Link device software stack solution

ASIX IO Link Master & Device Software Stack Solutions

Solution enables customers to integrate the latest IO-Link smart sensors and actuators into EtherCAT industrial Ethernet networks to achieve more flexible and efficient smart factory environments.

ASIX Electronics offers a comprehensive solution incorporating an EtherCAT to IO-Link Master Gateway and IO-Link Device Software Protocol Stack. In this era of booming AI technology, IO-Link intelligent communication technology offers key technology in Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) by harnessing a flexible real-time bidirectional data exchange mechanism.

With support for flexible dynamic equipment configuration, IO-Link enables instant adjustments to production equipment configurations based on real-time factory production demands. This capability results in a streamlined production process and increased efficiency. IO-Link’s equipment status diagnosis and reporting features contribute significantly to achieving predictive maintenance for production equipment, reducing unexpected equipment failures and downtime, and enhancing the stability and reliability of smart factory production lines. By introducing IO-Link technology into smart factories and combining it with AI edge computing technology, real-time analysis and feedback of production data become achievable. This integration facilitates comprehensive data monitoring and management of production equipment, thereby achieving the automated production management in smart factories.

The ASIX IO-Link Device Software Stack is developed on the AXM-IOLS IO-Link device evaluation board, which is equipped with STMicroelectronics STM32F469AI microcontroller and L6362A IO-Link device transceiver. The software stack is developed using the STM32CubeIDE development tool, based on the STMicroelectronics STEVAL-BFA001V2 software development kit, and seamlessly integrates ASIX’s proprietary IO-Link device software stack library.

The design of this software stack complies with the IO-Link Interface and System Specifications V1.1.3, ensuring backward compatibility for IO-Link V1.0 master support. It supports advanced features including the ISDU communication, data storage, both IO-Link and standard I/O operating modes.
Additionally, it supports all telegram types and various data transmission rates, including 4.8Kbps (COM1), 38.4Kbps (COM2), and 230.4Kbps (COM3).

he software stack also allows for online firmware updates via the IO-Link interface, with a minimal firmware footprint of less than 1KB of RAM and less than 10KB of flash memory. This solution provides customers a cost-effective IO-Link device software stack solution for smart IO-Link device applications, such as IO-Link sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, photoelectric, vision, ToF gesture sensors), IO-Link actuators (valve actuators, motor controllers, smart LED towers), IO-Link hubs, and IO-Link valve islands.

The ASIX IO-Link device software stack package includes ASIX IO-Link device software stack trial library, a demonstration application, the AXM-IOLS evaluation board reference circuit and PCB layout file, etc.