New ProductsMay 7, 2021

XTS HMI Control Software Enhances eXtended Transport System

Beckhoff XTS HMI Control

High-performance visualization of XTS-enabled product transport from Beckhoff is now possible with a single mouse click.

The mechatronic eXtended Transport System (XTS) from Beckhoff now includes an application-specific HMI Control for visualization of dynamic product transport. The proven XTS technology already supported collision-free motion with movers working independently or in groups and delivering dynamic, high-precision positioning on customer-specific track geometries. The new HMI software extension generates matching visualizations from an existing XTS track configuration with just one mouse click.

The generated XTS HMI Control is automatically linked with all necessary parameters from the user’s application and can directly display the current positions of all movers within the system. The solution consists of three levels and readily combines with other HMI Controls or even with animated images as required. This means that users can create highly realistic representations of complete systems with minimal effort.

The XTS HMI Control also simplifies system diagnostics and, in particular, the location of certain movers in complex transport systems through color highlighting. It is also highly effective for use in simulations prior to building and commissioning systems.