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Key Visual With Dataflow

Industrial Edge Computing Megatrends: Special Report

Industrial Edge and Cloud Computing are among the most exciting areas of technology development for smart manufacturing. This …

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Remote connectivity allows users to communicate with automation machinery worldwide

Remote connectivity focus on performance and cybersecurity

A series of technology trends are driving the latest solutions for industrial remote connectivity by leveraging innovations such …

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High speed backbone for Ethernet and CAN bus-based field devices

AUTBUS broadband bus technology provides a solution for industrial networking that integrates Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IPv6 technologies …

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Factory Connectivity

Operational solutions for industrial network resiliency

Industrial networks are characterized by their need for timely data transmission and high reliability. The occurrence of a …

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The edge device sorts large volumes of data without major delays and close to the point of origin.

Smart Edge Computing: Optimizing the Entire Value Chain

Edge devices based on PLCnext Technology combine the robustness of proven industrial PCs with an open automation platform …

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Eliminating wired connectivity by using 5G provides the manufacturing environment with more flexibility.

5G at the Intelligent Edge Creates Access to Data

The merits of 5G wireless communications on the factory floor are obvious, but as with any networking technology …

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The CX5130 Embedded PC (left) and ELM3502 measurement terminal (metal module on right) save space in the control cabinet of the compact test machine for lab environments.

Motion Control and Measurement Data Acquisition in Perfect Sync

PC-based control and EtherCAT have combined to automate a compact sporting goods test machine. The system delivers precise …

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PIDD solar-powered, automated control gates.

groov Devices Offer Flexibility and Scalability for SCADA Expansion

Paloma Irrigation and Drainage District reduces downtime and pump repair costs. Automation in particular and especially pump lubrication, …

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July/August 2024

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Balancing Programming Costs and Complexity For Logic Solvers

The most common determining factors in choosing which logic solver best fits a safety application in a SIS (Safety Instrumented System) are loop and point counts and the complexity of logic required for safety mitigation.

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