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OPC UA Solutions

Full-range OPC UA solutions from the sensor to the cloud, showcased by Softing Industrial at embedded world 2024.

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Figure 1: Manufacturing environments may need more than one wireless connectivity technology.

The next generation factory demands a next generation network

This article describes tomorrow’s smart factories, and how Cisco is delivering on this vision today with a unified …

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1-pair Ethernet cabling

1-pair Ethernet cabling – what measurement technology is required for acceptance testing?

The development of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) opens up a large number of new application possibilities for structured …

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Time Sensitive Networking graphic.

Converged IT-OT networks using Time-Sensitive Networking

Machine control networking is built on consistent data delivery of data between controllers, sensors and actuators. TSN is …

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Figure 1: The mechanisms of Time Sensitive Networks in combination with Profinet form the optimal architecture for AI applications.

The optimal network concept for artificial intelligence

Time Sensitive Networks in combination with Profinet provides mechanisms to form an optimal architecture for AI applications. Compared …

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AI generated factory automation networ.king image

Leveraging the benefits of TSN in manufacturing applications

With Time-Sensitive Networking creating a standard, unified network that supports different devices, IT and OT convergence are able …

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Industrial Ethernet is not just a foundation for digital transformation but an active driver of innovation and progress. By focusing on advanced integration, edge computing, convergence, and robust security, Industrial Ethernet can unlock even greater potential for IIoT and enterprise connectivity.

Factory automation showcase: Industrial Ethernet innovations

Industry experts agree that the foundation of Industrial Ethernet solutions for factory automation remains laser-focused on smart connected …

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Digital factory of the future

Digital transformation: make your digital factory a reality

As digital transformation accelerates, factories face both opportunities and challenges. New technologies are key to increased efficiency, but …

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March/April 2024

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Our newest issue showcases Time-Sensitive Networking, CC-Link IE TSN and an Industrial Ethernet Technology Showcase.

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Seamless Sensor-to-Cloud Solutions: Transforming Industrial Operations

The synergy of Single Pair Ethernet and OPC UA FX is enabling cloud connectivity for Ethernet-based end devices, and paving the way for a new era of industrial operation.

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