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“Industrial Ethernet is evolving at a fast pace. Not only is there a greater need to conform to the requirements of the IT network environment, but things are always changing and the industrial network has more and more requirements,” Mike Willett, Network Engineer, Red Lion.

Looking at the future of Industrial Ethernet technology

Join us in celebrating 50 years since Bob Metcalfe invented Ethernet technology, but “industrialized” Ethernet is also celebrating …

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Network Shares According To HMS networks 2023

Industrial Ethernet & wireless networks growing

There is continued growth for Industrial Ethernet and wireless networks, according to HMS Networks as it released its …

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Ethernet Technology Roadmap

Ethernet celebrates 50 years with 2023 roadmap and demo

It’s a big year for Ethernet as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. And the Ethernet Alliance has released …

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Network Connections

What to expect from Industrial Ethernet

The role of industrial Ethernet in factory networking is expanding, but how will it help to shape the …

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Process Device Profile Benefits

EtherNet/IP Process Device Profile Support

ODVA has announced that process device profiles have been added to the EtherNet/IP specification.

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In 2022, 18.4 million EtherCAT chips were sold. This brings the total number of EtherCAT nodes - not counting Bus Terminals - to 59.1 million.

EtherCAT: almost 60 million nodes and exponential growth

Excluding modular I/O devices, ETG counts 59.1 million nodes, with recent growth being particularly impressive. Since 2014, growth …

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Networking Diagram

Transforming your industrial network infrastructure

Futureproof networking solutions are designed to help businesses seamlessly merge their IT and OT systems, and prepare them …

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New Gigabit Ethernet switches from Red Lion simplify configuration with robust oerformance and security features.

Ethernet switches increase performance and security

Gigabit industrial switches set a new standard for performance, reliability and ease of use, with security features designed …

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