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PTCRB-certified edge gateway


PTCRB-certified edge gateway

The Lanner LTE-Ready Edge Gateway has received the PTCRB certification for wireless communications. To meet the demands for interoperability with communication service providers in North America, Lanner has taken a step forward to receive PTCRB certification for 4G/LTE wireless communications. This move also indicates Lanner’s ambition for mobile communication markets in PTCRB required regions.

With such certification, Lanner has proved interoperability and compatibility of its hardware devices to operators and device manufacturers and ensured the confidence. For industrial automation, Lanner’s LEC-2580P is a PTCRB certified hardware gateway powered by high-performance processor, flexible storage, scalable expansion, rich I/O and networking interface.

Lanner also offers solutions in compact form factor where space is constrained. For instance, Lanner’s NCA-1210 is a compact sized desktop appliance with PTCRB certifications in wireless communications. To expand wireless network connectivity, Lanner’s NCS2-MINIPCIE02 carrier module provides 2 mini-PCIe slots for wireless networking modules in 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi specifications. NCS2- MINIPCIE02 enables devices with Gen2 PCIEx8 interface to function as mobile router and gateway.


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