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Industrial Ethernet Week 2024 Lineup of Speakers

Industrial Trends 2024: the developments experts and thought leaders see

What trends and developments will characterise industry in 2024? For the third time, the HARTING Technology Group is …

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OPC UA Software helps bridge gap between IT and OT systems in the factory.

OPC UA technology bridges gap between IT and OT systems

The OPC UA information modeling framework turns data into information. With complete object-oriented capabilities, even the most complex …

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Digital Transformation the goal with industrial networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning playing key roles

Industrial networks playing key role in digital transformation

Digital Transformation (DX) is a goal for manufacturers with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with …

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Snowflake technology solution: industrial edge to the cloud

Snowflake technology solution from industrial edge to the cloud

By leveraging machine and production data, companies can leverage smart manufacturing solutions to optimize business operations, forecast parts …

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Visualizing industrial automation control systems.

Next big thing in smart factories? Control systems virtualization.

Virtualization technology has dramatically changed the way IT resources are used, but the benefits of virtualization have yet …

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Industry Plant Graphic

Industry Set to Test the Six Nines Capability of New 5G Technology

5G technology features make it capable of supporting the requirements of factory control systems for real-time determinism and …

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NAT Featured Image

The vital role of NAT routers in secure remote access

When building machines for automation, the same block of IP addresses is often used for each machine. If …

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Smart grids optimized with protocol gateways.

Protocol gateways enable digital transformation of smart grids

In the era of smart grids, protocol gateways play a key role in smooth data flow between different …

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January/February 2024 Industrial Ethernet Book

January/February 2024

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Our newest issue showcases Digital Transformation, an update on OPC UA technology and extensive coverage of Industrial Ethernet machine control networking.

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2024 Industrial Ethernet Week: Trends Experts See Ahead

What trends and developments will characterise industry in 2024? For the third time, the HARTING Technology Group is bringing experts on stage from 27 - 29 February for the HARTING Industrial Ethernet Week 3 to highlight and discuss trends.

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