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Moxa Smart Switch

Industrial Smart Switch Offers Network Interoperability and Integration

New industrial smart switch from Moxa includes Gigabit uplink, eight additional ports, and an easy-to-configure Industrial Automation (IA)-profile …

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Process Automation

Technology launch brings two-wire Ethernet to process automation

Industry leaders announced at the ACHEMA conference a major milestone in the launch of Ethernet-APL technology, and the …

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Mitsubishi Operator Terminals

New Graphic Operation Terminals Provide “Wider“ Choices

Mitsubishi Electric has launched two new Graphic Operation Terminals (GOTs), which come as the latest addition to its …

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Smart Tech Korea 2019 trade show

Smart Tech Korea Trade Show, June 23-25

Smart Tech Korea will be held for 3 days at COEX in Seoul, from June 23rd to 25th, …

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The top seed companies in the U.S. divide acceptable seeds from those that do not meet color or size standards using software and hardware solutions from VMek.

High data rates for effective vision-based sorting

Optical sorting machines for the seed industry rely on EtherCAT plug-in modules for fast real-time communication technology that …

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Cyber Security

Industrial Cyber Security Special Report 2021

Special report in the Industrial Ethernet Book explores how manufacturing companies are leveraging new technology to protect machinery, …

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Kovarna Robot

Cables create reliable connections in the forge

The VIVA Forging Company relies on LAPP for cables. Its Czech Republic forging operation uses cables in its …

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LUTZE Cat7 Ethernet Cable For Continuous Motion Applications 104404 Pr Lutze Inc

Cat7 Industrial Ethernet cables

LUTZE offers teal jacket for stationary applications and green jacket for continuous motion applications.

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2021 June Cover Industrial Ethernet Book

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Industry experts weigh in on Single Pair Ethernet technology benefits, new connector and cabling solutions along with a Special Report on Industrial Cyber Security.

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