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Stealth Fanless Waterproof PC

Fanless Waterproof Mini PCs

Stealth’s new model WPC-905 is a high performance rugged Waterproof PC computer that is completely sealed, surviving liquids, …

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Dunkermotoren BG DPro PN integrated motors

Dunkermotoren BG series offers integrated PROFINET interface

New integrated motors from Dunkermotoren use the advantages of PROFINET for drive tasks in the power range from …

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TERZ Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches RJ45 Full Gigabit TERZ NITE RF RS UL

Compact Full Gigabit RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Switches

The NITE-RF/RS Full Gigabit switches from TERZ offer reliable and space-saving networking in the control cabinet with high …

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Factory Automation

IO-Link over Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) working group

The IO-Link Steering Committee has recently created a working group intended to examine the potential and technical feasibility …

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UWBA And OMLOX Liaison graphic

UWB Alliance and omlox collaboration

The omlox community of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has signed a joint liaison agreement to work together …

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Networking abstract image

Edge Database for IoT Devices

ITTIA DB SQL data management features substantially enhance and automate the data storage and processing capabilities of embedded …

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Steute RF

New Wireless Receiver for Control of AGV Fleets

steute is launching a new wireless receiver RF Rx SW868-NET-4S-A 48V for its nexy wireless network, developed with …

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New Battery-Powered Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracker

New Battery-Powered Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracker

New asset tracking device utilizes Semtech’s LoRa Edge asset management platform to significantly reduce power consumption for indoor/outdoor …

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Single Pair Ethernet Technology

SPE in industrial applications

Single Pair Ethernet work continues with the aim of toughening up this evolutionary new technology for as many …

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Industrial network infrastructures

Optimizing infrastructure performance

Industrial network infrastructure is a valuable business asset. Investments in legacy networks require a clear migration path to …

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PROFINET Over Industrial WLAN Infrastructure

PROFINET Over Industrial WLAN

Two key challenges need to be addressed when building a stable PROFINET application over a WLAN infrastructure. The …

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Abstract Background

Single-Pair Ethernet for constrained devices

New operational concepts are being developed to drive EtherNet/IP deployment to low-end constrained, in-cabinet devices such as contactors …

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