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IT-OT Convergence in Focus

IT-OT convergence brings into focus technology solutions that bridge the gap between Information and Operations Technology. A series of technical articles looks in detail at how this issue is being addressed.

Convergence Key to IIoT

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ExOS Two Programmers

Software Technology Bridges Gap Between IT & OT

exOS software offers machine builders a solution to the divide traditionally separating IT and OT. Linux developers have the option to develop, compile and debug code using their preferred environment, in coordination with Automation Runtime real-time operating system.

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OPC UA Publisher/Subscriber offers an elegant solution for achieving interoperability between control systems.

Secure and flexible IT-OT integration based on OPC UA

The OPC UA (Unified Architecture) standard has established itself as an enabling technology for ensuring seamless data transfer between subsystems, allowing the production and management domains to be tightly coupled together.

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Smart Manufacturing

Essentials of IoT device data management

A key to IT-OT convergence is device data management solutions for effectively monitoring, processing and managing large amounts of data from IoT devices.

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From this topology, it is easy to see that the Device Edge through the Compute Edge are applicable to machine and equipment builders.

Edge computing for smart factories and smarter machines

Edge computing platforms OEM machinery builders a technology pathway to developing new generations of smarter equipment that meet changing customer demands and the need for digital transformation.

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New eBook presents a series of articles exploring the topic of IT (information technology) and OT (operation technology) convergence, and how technology is offering new solutions.

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