Optimized Production with Data Integration for Industrial IoT

November 11, 2022

The digitalization and networking of plants and processes create the basis for optimized production. But how can it be implemented smoothly? How can data exchange between machines and plants, OT/IT integration, and cloud connectivity be designed securely and flexibly?

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How all protocols fail at data access interoperability

November 1, 2022

If you are interested in being challenged to fundamentally rethink how an enterprise-wide Data Access system should be architected, you have come to the right place. Matthew Parris, Senior Manager, Advanced Manufacturing – Test Systems for GE Appliances, shares his experiences and ideas for moving ahead.

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Designing Industrial Connectivity Solutions for the Smart Factory

September 18, 2022

Join this webinar to learn from ADI experts who have an in-depth understanding of the challenges encountered in a modern factory network.

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IoT maturity is not without its challenges

September 15, 2022

Wi-SUN’s latest research report shows that organisations are becoming more ambitious and sophisticated in their thinking. IoT is now a bigger priority than ever, and the scale of what is being planned over the next few years is encouraging.

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OPC UA FX (Field eXchange) for the Field Level

July 19, 2022

OPC UA is establishing itself as an industrial interoperability standard not only for the vertical integration from the control level to the edge or up to the cloud, but also as an interface for exchanging process data between controllers regardless of which protocol communicates with underlying field devices.

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Getting IIoT networks ready for the future

July 8, 2022

Three keys help create more effective, future-proof IIoT networks. Achieve a greater level of integration by using an unified infrastructure. Create an ability to access remote machines anywhere with hassle-free cloud services. Implement tools for visualizing network status by both OT and IT professionals.

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Integrate Machine Data Efficiently and Scalably into IIoT Applications

May 16, 2022

Companies are increasingly leveraging the capabilities of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to transfer process and device data to the cloud and use it to improve their operations and efficiency, as well as reduce costs.

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What’s Next for IIoT Device Connectivity?

May 14, 2022

Are your devices ready to provide connectivity for large-scale and highly distributed applications in an increasingly interconnected world?

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Secure data and network in IIoT applications

May 14, 2022

Solar plants have critical monitoring and management needs. In many cases, traditional wired infrastructure for monitoring and management is not feasible, so equipping sites with appropriate 4G/LTE gateways provides a useful and comprehensive network backup mechanism to secure data and offer network stability.

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Navigating Digitization of the Manufacturing Sector with Industry 4.0

April 20, 2022

Digitally transformed businesses acquire many capabilities and advantages that were previously not accessible. Navigating your plant in the rapidly evolving digital landscape is not an easy task.

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