New ProductsMarch 18, 2022

Catalyst 9000 industrial Ethernet switches

Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series Switch

The new Catalyst IE9300 from Cisco Systems offers a broad set of networking capabilities in one industrial switch.

Cisco is expanding its Catalyst 9000 portfolio to bring enterprise-grade capabilities to industrial environments (utilities, roadways, oil & gas) with a unified solution for IT/OT.

Operational connectivity is growing exponentially as industries take on challenges like transitioning to cleaner power sources, enhancing electric grid reliability, and improving transportation safety. As edge connectivity expands, industrial networks need to be scaled and secured. IT and OT teams need a unified solution with enterprise-grade capabilities like automation, segmentation and more to connect and secure the growing number of industrial devices.

The new Catalyst IE9300 offers the broadest set of networking capabilities in one industrial switch. Based on the powerful Cisco UADP ASIC, the Catalyst IE9300 is a unified solution for IT/OT to automate network operations, bring Zero Trust security to operational spaces and more; providing next-level visibility, security and scale to create the foundation for industrial networks for years to come.

Cisco announced an expansion of the Cisco Catalyst 9000 portfolio, based on the powerful Unified Access Data Plane (UADP) ASIC silicon, to bring more enterprise-grade switching capabilities to the industrial edge for industries operating in harsh environments and supporting critical infrastructure like utilities, oil and gas, roadways, and rail.

Operational connectivity is growing exponentially as organizations seek to improve efficiencies, safety, and support hybrid work. As the operational world evolves, IT expertise is required to scale and secure the network as operational technology (OT) systems are brought onto the corporate networks.