TechnologyNovember 11, 2022

Kyland Technology Launches First Newsletter – Kyland Connect

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We are very excited to launch the Newsletter – Kyland Connect, which will inspire you on a quarterly basis.

Kyland’s full stack industrial internet solutions are already being put to use in a wide variety of fields, including aviation, shipbuilding, high-speed rail and subways, smart grids, power production, the petrochemical industry, metallurgy, factory automation, smart traffic, urban management and network operators. More than one million Kyland devices are running in real time worldwide. Our product and success stories may inspire you in finding the optimal solution for your systems.

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About Kyland Technology

Kyland industrial Ethernet networking products

Kyland Technology focuses on the research and implementation of industrial control networking total solutions. We are one of the leading companies of industrial networking technology innovation and exploration. Our mission is to build the next generation industrial control ecosystem based on Ethernet connectivity.

Kyland’s primary R&D directions are industrial Ethernet communication technologies, IP-based industrial fieldbus technologies, network-based field controller technologies, cloud based industrial controlling server technologies, network-based controlling precise time/clock technologies, control message communication security technologies.

Kyland has been involved in the 3 international standards for industrial automation: IEC61158, IEC62439, IEEEC37.238, and the Chinese national standard GBT 30094. With the well-known test and certificates such as KEMA, CE/FCC, UL508, ATEX/IECEx, Class1 Div.2, DNV…etc., our products have been deployed worldwide, and have been proven to meet the requirements of rigorous environments like nuclear power plants, substations, oil & gas fields, railway & public transportation, ITS, marine and military.

Customer Service and Quality Assurance are also the main focus of Kyland. We offer professional presales & post sales technical support and trainings for our clients. Moreover, our products are warranted for 5 years and free of replacement within 1 year.