New ProductsMarch 19, 2022

Energy and data for PoE-capable end devices

PoE-capable SCALANCE X switches are used in various sectors including factory automation, infrastructure applications, and transportation

Power over Ethernet solutions offered with new SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet switches from Siemens.

The reliability and cost-effectiveness of providing data and power over a single cable have driven the adoption of Power over Ethernet (PoE) in industry. Siemens is leading this trend with the SCALANCE XC-200PoE, SCALANCE XP-200PoE, SCALANCE XR-100PoE WG and SCALANCE XR-300PoE WG Industrial Ethernet Switches. Compact and rackmount Power over Ethernet switches are available for the entire industrial network. Using the latest IEEE 802.3bt standard, they can supply up to 60 watts per port for multiple PoE-capable end devices including the power supply for surveillance cameras, wireless devices like SCALANCE W IWLAN Access Points and SCALANCE M Industrial 5G Routers, SIMATIC RTLS Gateways, and SIMATIC MV500 Optical Identification Systems.

Industry uses the Power over Ethernet technology known from office environments and supplements the industrial grade portfolio with the new SCALANCE XC216-3G PoE Industrial Ethernet Switches from the SCALANCE X family. The existing SCALANCE XC208G PoE 8-port versions of the SCALANCE XC-200 line are supplemented by SCALANCE XC216-3G PoE devices with 19 ports. This permits a maximum power budget of 300 watts which can be individually distributed to the Power over Ethernet ports. With a total of 14 Power over Ethernet ports – 12 with up to 30 watts of power, and two with up to 60 watts – end devices can be optimally connected, for example, in tunnel applications and automotive production. The SCALANCE XC216-3G switch offers 3x 10 Gbit/s ports for maximum performance.

The SCALANCE PSR9230PoE power supply units provide additional power of up to 600 watts e.g. to SCALANCE XR-300PoE WG. The SCALANCE XR-100PoE WG and SCALANCE XR-300PoE WG rackmount Power over Ethernet switches supply data and 30 watts power per port for up to 26 end devices via a FastConnect cable. Using the 10 Gbit/s copper ports of the SCALANCE XR-300PoE WG, products even up to 60 watts per port are possible.

Furthermore, these 10 Gbit/s ports on this Power over Ethernet switch are designed as combo ports, which enables them to supply energy-intensive devices such as cameras with integrated heaters. Suitable unmanaged and managed Power over Ethernet switches are available in 24 V DC or 54 V DC versions. Thanks to a wide range of features, such as an extended temperature range (-40°C to +70°C), IP65 protection class, approvals for railway applications and explosion-proof areas (ATEX Zone 2, IECEx), the SCALANCE XP‐200PoE switches can be flexibly deployed in a variety of environments, e.g., along rail-mounted routes in tunnels, or in oil and gas industry.

PoE-capable SCALANCE X switches are generally used in various sectors, including factory automation, infrastructure applications, and transportation. The wide range of the Power over Ethernet portfolio of Industrial Ethernet Switches, power supplies and end devices from Siemens offers a cost-efficient and high-performance connectivity solution for industrial networks.