New ProductsJuly 14, 2021

AI processing capabilities at the edge

Eurotech BoltGATE 10 12 (2)

High performance computing and IoT capabilities to the Edge in the automotive and rolling stock sectors.

Leading-edge innovation sees Eurotech launch BoltGATE 10-12, BoltGPU 10-31 and BoltCOR 32-18 to bring AI power and processing capabilities at the Edge even in the harshest of environments Eurotech has launched three new products that can help deliver AI-powered applications and robust IoT projects in the automotive and rolling stock sectors.

BoltGATE 10-12

BoltGATE 10-12 is a rugged edge computer that simplifies connecting Edge devices with the cloud in both greenfield and brownfield applications. It is designed for transport companies that need to remotely manage Edge deployments and data and accelerate the development of IoT and Edge computing applications. A low power gateway, certified for use in rolling stock and automotive environments, and designed for heavy duty applications using a solid metal enclosure and rugged connectors. An internal battery protects the device from power interruptions, and allows for a safe shutdown with transient protection and vehicle ignition sense.

BoltGATE 10-31

Eurotech BoltGPU 10 31 (2)BoltGPU 10-31 is a rugged subsystem for GPU-accelerated AI applications on board. Fanless and suitable for very rugged environments, it offers exceptional power efficiency and up to 21 trillion operations/second (TOPS) of accelerated computing. Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX GPU, it allows AI processing to run on a device in the field, producing telemetry in the form of sensor readings or video capture, even in environments where network connectivity isn’t reliable or even possible.

Commenting on these two new additions to Eurotech’s product portfolio, Pierfrancesco Zuccato, senior product manager at Eurotech said: “The BoltGATE 10-12 dramatically simplifies bringing together applications in the field with the cloud. On the one hand, it’s a rugged and connected device; while on the other, it provides a rich IoT framework that works seamlessly with most cloud platforms”.

“The BoltGPU 10-31 is a workhorse for GPU-accelerated workloads both on-vehicle and in harsh environments. It’s rugged, fanless and very compact but at the same time it provides cutting edge features and efficiency at the Edge, where ease of deployment and reliability are a must.”
BoltGATE 32-18

Eurotech has also announced the BoltCOR 32-18, its newest GPU-accelerated server for AI applications at the Edge and on vehicles. This ultra-shallow server combines the extreme ruggedization of a fanless, ventless system with the computational power of a high-end CPU and universal deep learning accelerator.

Designed to operate even in the harshest of conditions, this highly reliable product features Eurotech’s innovative cooling solutions enabling high performance and server-class computing in a compact and completely fanless and ventless unit.

Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech’s CP & MO said: “The BoltCOR 32-18 is a game changer for Edge applications that require GPU acceleration and the highest level of reliability. Eurotech developed innovative cooling solutions to pack high level performance in this very compact and fanless unit.”

Both the BoltGPU 10-31 and BoltGATE 10-12 are certified for use in both the rolling stock and automotive sectors, while the BoltCOR 32-12 is certified for rolling stock. Both the BoltGPU 10-31 and the BoltCOR 32-18 are available later this year and the BoltGATE 10-12 is available now.