New ProductsJuly 18, 2022

Anomaly-based intrusion detection for industry

Siemens threat detection

Digital transformation for industry based on reliable OT (operational technology) networks needs efficient security solutions. Furthermore, deterministic OT communications have special security considerations.

For instance, the security hardware should be rated for industrial environments and operate reliably without batteries for minimal maintenance. Moreover, the software must provide maximum transparency without network disruptions, especially when the cyberthreat is internal. Passive anomaly-based intrusion detection with the Guardian and the Central Management Console from Nozomi Networks in combination with Scalance LPE offers a simple, integrated approach to monitor, detect, and respond to threats within the network. It is a passive monitoring intrusion detection system with no disruption to network operations during installation or operation. You can deploy the Nozomi Networks’ Remote Collector on the Scalance LPE within trusted zones of the network to obtain complete visibility on OT/IoT assets and processes.

This is a comprehensive solution of field-proven hardware, advanced software, and OT network expertise from a single, trusted source. It enables security personnel to respond to anomalies in real-time, with context-based smart alerts, always keeping your production environment safe and operational.