New ProductsJuly 13, 2020

Edge automation platform

FlexEdge platform

The FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform from Red Lion Controls brings a new degree of versatility to edge computing, while its ease of use makes productivity and efficiency gains from digital transformation initiatives accessible with point-and-click simplicity.

FlexEdge’s highly modular design and intuitive software enable quick, straightforward customization and deployment to myriad applications without compromising rugged, reliable operation. The platform carries several certifications that make it ideal for oil and gas, water, wastewater, maritime, hazardous location, and factory automation applications.

Engineered for industrial customers with diverse needs who want to effortlessly connect systems and process data at the edge, FlexEdge’s modular architecture boasts a wide variety of wireless and wired communication options. This breadth of options makes it an easily configured communication gateway that connects with any industrial communication requirement, regardless of protocol or manufacturer.

Unlike fixed-function devices that require customers to learn many products, or systems with fixed chassis that take up unnecessary space, FlexEdge offers a form factor and platform that adapts as quickly as application needs change. It’s available with advanced networking functionality or advanced automation features, including protocol conversion; virtual HMIs; an advanced web server with Bootstrap, JavaScript and CSS; data, security and event logging; and cloud connectivity.

With FlexEdge, customers can seamlessly connect new and existing devices, reducing overall downtime and allowing for frictionless, future-proof scalabilit. This allows the selection of one platform for a wide variety of edge requirements, so customers can focus on business efficiency without worrying about choosing the right combination of products for their application.

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