New ProductsJuly 13, 2020

EtherNet/IP communications

EtherNet IP Communications

Rockwell Automation

Industrial producers can now improve their network resiliency by using primary and backup adapters for the 1756-EN4TR ControlLogix EtherNet/IP communications module. This new redundant-adapter functionality is provided through a recent firmware update to the communication module.

In addition to helping users improve network redundancy, the module’s firmware enhancement also offers more advantages.

No single point of failure: When used with ControlLogix controllers and redundant switches, the communication module is no longer a single point of failure. This can improve uptime and productivity in continuous process applications like oil and gas.

Architecture options: The firmware enhancement can be used with a single ControlLogix controller or redundant controllers. It can also be used with star or Device Level Ring (DLR) architectures. This gives users design flexibility.

Ease of modification: An existing 1756 I/O chassis can be modified for redundant adapters. Slots 0 and 1 are used for the redundant adapters.

The 1756-EN4TR communication module implements network-based access control for users, devices and networks in a 1756 ControlLogix chassis. The module can increase performance in networked operations, with 1-gigabit-per-second communications speeds and the ability to support future network or infrastructure expansions.