New ProductsFebruary 10, 2021

Fiber optic cable configurator

LAPP LWL Configurator

A fiber optic cable configurator from LAPP enables users to quickly and easily configure the appropriate fiber optic cable assembly.

Industrial communication is concerned with ever-increasing volumes of data and increasing data transmission requirements. This also increases the demand for glass fiber installations. However, it is not easy to assemble fiber optic cables and glass fiber cables. Errors during assembly can lead to transmission problems. It is particularly important that the connectors and connection points are virtually attenuation neutral. LAPP now offers a tailored solution.

A new fiber optic cable configurator enables users to quickly and easily put together the appropriate fiber optic cable assembly. After selecting the required components, the assembly can be ordered at the push of a button.

“Customers value our expertise in assembly of robust fiber optic cables for tough industrial applications. We specialise in this area, allowing our customers to concentrate on what they are best at: their core business”, said Guido Ege, Head of Product Management and Product Development at U.I. Lapp GmbH.

LAPP produces the assemblies for glass fiber cables and fiber optic cables according to customers’ exact requirements with cables based on standard fiber types (glass, POF, PCF). The configurator first shows the products based on different application areas. For example, indoors or outdoors or with various combinations of glass fibers and plastic fibers, such as polymer optical fibers (POF), polymer sheathed optical fibers (PCF) or glass fibers (GOF).

The LAPP product range includes various cable types such as simplex and duplex cables or loose tube cables, breakout cables and space-saving mini-breakout cables. Glass fiber cables and fiber optic cables such as HUN, HQN1500, HQW3000, HQW-Plus3000, Fire, TORSION, HUW1500, HVN, HRH, HDH and HDM are available under the HITRONIC® brand. The fiber optic cables are available as single-mode cables (OS – Optical Fiber Singlemode – OS1 and OS2) and multimode cables (OM – Optical Fiber Multimode – OM1, OM2, OM3 or OM4).

The user only needs to select the necessary transmission rate or the fiber type and the preferred connector (FC connector, ST connector, SC connector, LC connector, E-2000 connector etc.) and the configuration is complete. A digital sales advisor is available to help prevent errors during the selection process and also creates an immediate personal quotation.

“We test all glass fiber assemblies. Customers receive a test report for each assembly on delivery”, said Norbert Strohmaier, who is responsible for configurations at LAPP: “Carefully selected components, continuous production and quality monitoring and a higher connection quality make applications more reliable.”

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