New ProductsJuly 13, 2020

Industrial Ethernet switches

Industrial Ethernet Switches

A next generation industrial Ethernet switch platform is designed to meet the needs of future data communication networks.

The platform is ideal for handling big data and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications driven by global developments such as urbanisation and infrastructure investments.

Integrating hardware, software and network design support, the new switch platform offers advanced capabilities, low total cost of ownership and creates a reliable network across multiple industries.

Designed to meet increasing demands for greater bandwidth and uninterrupted 24/7 service, the new hardware provides high levels of cybersecurity, operational life, and easy configuration, operation and maintenance. The platform will offer a broad range of solutions for every industrial network requirement and will include devices for specific industry applications, such as managed PoE switches approved for onboard rail applications and substation automation solutions.

The new switch platform is powered by the next generation WeOS operating system, which maximises the potential of the new hardware. As with previous generations, WeOS continues to ensure robust interoperability and provide multi-media support, while also helping to provide greater network resilience and cybersecurity. Switches using this latest version of WeOS are backward compatible, future-proofing existing industrial networks and simplifying their design, while the web interface has the same look and feel to ensure easy device management.