New ProductsApril 12, 2021

IO-Link Master Solutions for Automated Production Environments

Lumberg Automation LioN X Applicattion

Belden complements its I/O systems portfolio with LioN-X and LioN-Xlight IO-Link masters, providing simplified connectivity for fast and secure data transmission.

Powerful LioN-X IO-Link Masters provide a faster, more reliable and secure approach to collecting, converting and transmitting sensor and actuator data in automated production environments, and is IO-Link specification V1.1.3 ready. Now with increased speed capabilities, the advanced solution enables manufacturers to optimize production processes and improve efficiency through state-of-the-art connectivity.

“The LioN-X portfolio enables our customers to deploy a full connectivity solution as they transition to Industry 4.0,” said Brian Lieser, VP and Managing Director Industrial Network Solutions at Belden. “The future-ready solution is at the core of providing secure communication from the sensor to the cloud.”

Available in two new variations – the LioN-X, built for maximum performance, and the cost-effective LioN-Xlight – each product line offers a flexible solution to meet the needs of any manufacturing operation for machine connectivity and data collection.

With the LioN-X family, users benefit from:

  • Versatile protocol communication, easily connecting digital I/O signals and IO-Link devices for a variety of fieldbuses, as well as supporting IIoT integration for cloud applications.
  • Easy to configure with the LioN-Management Suite V2.0, an advanced software solution that speeds the time to configure both the LioN-X and IO-Link devices.
  • Fast data transfer with cycle times around 1ms, ensuring that IO-Link data reaches controllers quickly and reliably.
  • Innovative security functionality, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to equipment and the network with ACHILLES and vulnerability-tested data transmission.
  • Unmatched power and connectivity through its M12 Power L-coded connectors.

“As manufacturers look to increase the efficiency of their operations through advanced automation, a simple and flexible solution that can streamline data collection and distribution offers them significant advantages,” said Svenja Litz, product manager at Belden. “The LioN-X portfolio is designed specifically for that purpose – providing seamless integration into many different PLC and cloud environments, allowing high-speed applications for maximum productivity, and providing additional industry-certified security.”

The LioN-X family is housed within a proven, strong design for durability and reliability even in the harsh environments of machine building, food and beverage, automotive, and metal manufacturing. The products’ smaller footprint optimizes space utilization and streamlines connections to improve productivity, security and network management.