New ProductsJuly 13, 2020

VME Ethernet switches

VME Ethernet Switches


The GBX25 6U VME managed Ethernet switch enables users to free up slot space as well as valuable power and cooling resources in existing chassis by using a single switch to replace multiple switch cards while maintaining the range of communication protocols—including 100-FX—and cable types typically installed in legacy systems.

It is available with up to 40 ports (combination of front and rear) that support a variety of copper and fiber cable types. The GBX25’s use of standard SMP modules for a variety of basebands including 100-FX, 1000-SX/LX/T, and 10G-SR/LR enables users to combine multiple communications capabilities on a single card, reducing slot occupancy compared with previous multi-card architectures.

The GBX25 is 100% pin-compatible with the GBX24 and RM921, but has been upgraded with Abaco’s OpenWare switch management software. OpenWare was created by Abaco at its Networking Innovation Center, and numerous customers have benefited significantly from access to the development team’s expertise to smooth transition or to develop application-specific functionality, providing more rapid deployment or a custom networking solution.

Users can access the OpenWare development team for transition and advanced function support for existing or new applications.