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AIoT Forward Webinar Series

ASUS AIoT Seminar

Join us to explore ASUS AIoT solutions, and its AIoT Forward Webinar Series March 22-26.

ASUS will host the AIoT Forward webinar series March 22-26 to showcase and explore the latest ASUS AIoT solutions, including in edge AI, smart retail, smart manufacturing and smart healthcare. One webinar will air each day, and each webinar will give participants the chance to win an ASUS AIoT solution as a prize!

The future of AI: The latest edge AI solutions from ASUS

ASUS will hold two product introduction webinars for new edge AI solutions during the AIoT Forward series. The first webinar will be hosted in collaboration with Microsoft on March 22 and will premiere Azure Percept DK and Azure Percept Audio, two new edge AI platforms developed by ASUS and Microsoft. Azure Percept DK is a development kit that is optimized to work with Azure AI, Azure Machine Learning and Azure IoT management services. Azure Percept DK can be further enhanced by Azure Percept Audio, an audio hardware accelerator with a preconfigured four-mic linear array, for creating customized speech functions. ASUS and Microsoft have partnered to create these new edge AI solutions that bridge physical interactions with the cloud for real-time decision making, offering a seamless way to approach AI at the edge.

The webinar on March 26 will introduce ASUS intelligent edge computing solutions that leverage Google’s Coral Edge TPU. Google will discuss edge AI market trends as well as how ASUS AIoT solutions using the Edge TPU deliver real value in business, allowing managers to make better decisions and optimize production efficiency.

ASUS smart retail solutions

Smart retail solutions — that is, smart technologies that give consumers better, faster, safer and smarter shopping experiences — have become critically important with the recent rise in contactless retail. The webinar on March 23 will detail numerous ASUS IoT solutions created to enhance customer experiences, optimize supply chains and create revenue streams.

ASUS smart manufacturing solutions

The webinar on March 24 will showcase the comprehensive portfolio of ASUS AIoT solutions that are tailor-made for manufacturing applications, including predictive maintenance of single assets, automated optical inspection, production optimization, surveillance and physical threat detection. These solutions reduce costs, increase safety and security, improve quality assurance and facilitate regulatory compliance. They also result in greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to improve efficiency and, ultimately, profits.

ASUS smart healthcare solutions

The March 25 webinar will cover the wide variety of ASUS smart healthcare solutions. ASUS provides holistic healthcare devices and services, with a particular focus on electronic and mobile health services. These solutions include intelligent medical devices, mobile apps, client and cloud platforms and AI-enhanced healthcare technology. ASUS also develops solutions for enhancing management of electronic medical records for both inpatient and outpatient care, as well as innovations for improving telecare.

Prizes for webinar attendees

Participants will have the chance to win a prize from ASUS at each webinar, if they attend the webinar for at least 20 minutes. Each webinar will have one winner, and the more webinars an attendee joins, the more chances they have to win. Prizes include a VivoWatch, Mini PC PN62S, ROG Delta headset, Tinker Edge T and Tinker Edge R. The lucky winners will be announced on the event website on March 29.

Event details



March 22 — March 26



  • Berlin: CET 3:00 PM
  • Taipei: CST 10:00 PM
  • San Francisco: PST 7:00 AM

Webinar topic schedule

3/22 – The future of AI: Azure Percept DK and Azure Percept Audio
3/23 – ASUS IoT smart retail solutions
3/24 – ASUS IoT smart manufacturing solutions
3/25 – ASUS smart healthcare solutions
3/26 – The future of AI: Introducing the ASUS AI Accelerator Card


1 Individuals who win a prize are liable to pay income tax on the prize at a tax rate that will be determined by their country