Industry NewsJanuary 11, 2023

Softing Industrial at SPS Show Nov 14-16

Softing Industrial at sps 2023

Meet Softing Industrial at sps 2023 in Nuremberg to discover how our data integration solutions can optimize your production.

Digitizing and networking plants and processes boosts production efficiency. We’ll guide you in setting up secure, flexible data exchange between machines and plants, integrating OT/IT systems, and linking to the cloud. See us at sps smart production solutions trade fair in Nuremberg and discover our solutions.

Enhancing process efficiency through machine connectivity

Softing’s machine connectivity products improve the scalability and reduce the operating costs of network solutions, whether in brownfield or greenfield projects. The Docker-based edgeConnectors and edgePlugs, and the uaGate hardware provide access to process data in Siemens and Modbus controllers. The software solution dataFEED OPC Suite enables OPC communication and cloud connectivity, providing access to the controllers of leading manufacturers and to IoT devices.

Implementing innovative network architectures through device connectivity

Plant Asset Management using digital technologies helps plant operators optimize their operations, commissioning, maintenance, and diagnostics processes. Our smartLink HW-DP and smartLink SW-HT products enable access to HART, PROFIBUS, and other device data, for example for Emerson AMS and Pactware applications. They support protocol standards such as OPC UA and MQTT for the integration of innovative IoT solutions.

Using network resources efficiently through server aggregation

OPC UA has emerged as the established communication standard for IT and OT integration and is supported by numerous devices. Softing Industrial offers solutions to effectively link these devices, implement an additional layer of security, and realize the full potential of OPC UA. The Secure Integration Server, a Windows application, and the edgeAggregator, a Docker Container, represent the two available variants of the aggregation server product.

Implementing modern automation networks through Ethernet-APL connectivity

Ethernet-APL enables the digitalization of process plants down to the field level and makes it possible to build modern, high-performance automation networks. The Ethernet-APL Switch from Softing provides fast and seamless access to the process plant’s field devices.