Industry NewsJanuary 5, 2021

TSN starter package

TTTech Slate TSN Package Products

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is the technology for an open, standard communications solution for Industrial IoT. TTTech Industrial now offers a complete starter package for building, configuring and testing TSN networks.

The starter package combines IP and software, so companies can immediately implement and test TSN with their applications.

TSN is an open standard that is supported by leading industrial automation vendors. The TSN starter package is offered in three variants, designed to suit every evaluation project. It is available for 6 months evaluation, 12 months evaluation or prototyping. Customers working on prototyping projects can benefit from permanent licenses for the reference design and configuration software, enabling long-term use of the starter package in TSN test networks.

“We offer a complete kit that enables maximum configuration flexibility whilst eliminating much of the technical complexity. Customers can create a TSN switch to their specifications and add it to a TSN test network along with other switches and endpoints using our configuration software,” says Wolfgang Leindecker, member of the executive board at TTTech Industrial.

TTTech Industrial’s TSN starter package consists of an evaluation board, an IP core and associated software that together provide a stable hardware platform for the integration and evaluation of TSN Ethernet functionality. The board can be used to implement bespoke configurations on an FPGA and can serve as a 4+1 port switch to build TSN networks that are configurable using TTTech Industrial’s browser-based software. The software plans and configures any TSN standard compliant network/device. It allows the modelling of topologies, addition of streams and deployment of configurations for TSN networks.

Further devices (from any TSN standards compliant vendor) can be added to this network and made available for configuration. TSN starter package components support the core TSN mechanisms of time-synchronization (IEEE 802.1AS) and time aware shaping (IEEE 802.1Qbv), as well as other mechanisms such as frame preemption (IEEE 802.1Qbu), SRP enhancements (IEEE 802.1Qcc) and seamless redundancy (IEEE 802.1CB).