TechnologyFebruary 10, 2023

TSN for 5G private networks, 5G IoT industrial and Smart Manufacturing

Tailyn Time-Sensitive Networking and 5G solutions

Tailyn builds rugged and Time-Sensitive Networking which has been implemented in its 5G Fronthaul switch, TSN switch, 90W PoE switch, 5G gateway and middle-end Ethernet switch.

TAILYN has the ability to make the world a better, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly place. At the same time, we will create a bright future for our customers and shareholders.

By continuously working closely with world-class clients and gaining invaluable experience, the team has been able to challenge itself with different perspectives, focusing on superior technologies, and leading clients to adapt to changing environments.

By understanding customers’ needs and providing flexible solutions, we build long-term partnerships with them and invest in the future together to share the results.

“Building solid partnerships”, “believing in the potential of our employees and empowering them”, and “being optimistic and determined” are my core values and beliefs. In practice, Tailyn would like to listen to the ideas of employees and customers, integrate management theories with actual operational needs, and meticulously observe details to make the best decisions.

There are two divisions of client management as below:

EMS Division

The Sales & Marketing team focuses on three business segments: The first is Industrial Applications manufacturing including OEM services for industrial computers and industrial network equipment. The second is Automotive Electronics manufacturing services including engineering and OEM services for EV and the thirds segment is semiconductor equipment PCBA, module and rack design and manufacturing services.

Within these business segments we are focused on providing our customers with exceptional quality and high reliability for low to medium volume and high-mix products.

Together with our professional engineering service team and advanced automation equipment, we are able to meet our customers’ demands for quality and delivery.

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, our customers has relied more heavily in the services that the TAILYN team provides, especially in resolving the numerous challenges of the supply chain, such as delivery and costs, which are caused by the imbalance of supply and demand of components.

With my 25 years of experience and numerous contacts amongst semiconductor suppliers, I can obtain real-time information to help colleagues and customers with the best communication as well as order management to increase customer trust and build a stable and solid partnership. We will continue to focus on these market sectors and continue to strengthen our long-term partnership with our customers to enhance customer service and meet their needs in manufacturing, quality, cost, delivery, and engineering services. We look forward to growing and thriving together with our customers!

ODM Division

The ODM Division includes business development, marketing and R&D team. Our R&D team has more than 15 years of experience in industrial Ethernet, telecommunications gateway hardware and software design, including all kinds of high-speed Ethernet switches, wired/wireless network gateway equipment and Internet of Things gateway equipment and other communication products technology. We are customer-oriented and provide the best ODM solutions for global network communication industry by offering a wide range of HW ODM, HW+SW design, network system integration, network management software and hardware manufacturing flexibility.

Our customer base includes brand companies, system integrators, and we have been providing the best solutions to our customers by leveraging our rich experience in product design, network solutions, and have been highly recognized by our customers throughout the years.

In the future, we will continue to use our past experience and achievements to actively invest in the research and development of new generation hardware and software, in order to promote to more international network service providers, to meet and exceed the various needs and demands of our customers, working together to achieve customer goals.

A testament of high temperatures and polar climates; a test of extreme conditions and super high precision. In the industrial-level and precision equipment domain, rigorousness and preciseness are only the bare minimum. From wisdom comes calmness.

Devotion brings about actualization. Challenges are prospects that evolve from the future, for the purpose of fulfilling the smart life TAILYN has accumulated 40 years of devoted focus in industrial applications, telecommunications, telematics and other precision equipment domains, providing comprehensive, integrated solutions through design, pilot run, mass production, test engineering.

Through high-level integration and engineering capabilities, enthusiastic attitude, and high learning abilities, actively solve customers’ dilemma from designing to process, and effectively achieve product production goals, the customers will experience the refined partnerships, and together, create forward-looking strategies and display the determination for achievement and the care for humanity.