TechnologyMay 18, 2022

Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL: 2022 Special Report

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Learn what industry experts are saying about the development of Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL technologies, along with a series of technical articles on the state of the technology and its potential for the future.

2022 May Cover, Industrial Ethernet BookThis “2022 SPE and Ethernet-APL Special Report” provides the perspective of industry experts and their insights into the development of the Industrial Ethernet technologies and megatrends shaping and enabling development of industrial networks. Key technologies include the continued emergence of Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL and new levels of standardization at the device level. Network architectures are going through a period of rapid innovation with an increased need for greater levels of IT-OT convergence and cybersecurity solutions.

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In process automation, many plants are equipped with 4-20 mA with HART or fieldbus installations. Both solutions have limited transmission speed and need conversion to be integrated into upper layers of the automation pyramid.

Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL moving ahead

Industry experts provide their perspective on the development of Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL. Learn about the potential benefits and the work to be done to achieve what has become an ambitious vision that will ultimately shape the scope and future of Industrial Ethernet connectivity.

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Seamless Ethernet connectivity with Ethernet-APL in process automation.

Ethernet-APL: Optimizing Process Automation with Actionable Insights

Ethernet-APL (advanced physical layer) specifies the details of the application of Ethernet communication to sensors and actuators for the process industry and will be published under the IEC.

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Ethernet-APL to the Field

Ethernet for process automation using two-wire Ethernet-APL

Ethernet-APL (Advanced Physical Layer) provides a combination of ease of adoption, seamless integration, simplified installation, greater range and valuable data for process industry implementations.

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Condition monitoring applications

SPE for Effective Condition Monitoring Applications

New Single Pair Ethernet technology utilizes high quality asset health insights, and power on two wires, for condition monitoring applications. An AI-driven platform senses and interprets in real-time, any sound, vibration, pressure, current, or temperature.

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Single Pair Ethernet hybrid cable assemblies

TE Connectivity (TE) will jointly develop with Phoenix Contact new Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) M12 hybrid connectivity. The M12 connectors align with the hybrid format specified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 63171-7 standard, which the IEC initiated under the guidance of TE in early 2021.

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