TechnologyMarch 15, 2023

HMS adds to the CC-Link IE TSN development ecosystem

HMS Networks Adds To CC Link IE TSN Ecosystem

Anybus® CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN adds to the range of development options for device vendors developing CC-Link IE TSN products.

The CC-Link Partner Association’s (CLPA) partner, HMS Networks, announced the release of a new embedded development option for designers of industrial automation devices compatible with CC-Link IE TSN. The Anybus CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN embedded communication interface provides a gigabit Ethernet connection and TSN functionality in one package. With CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN, device manufacturers and machine builders get a fast track to connecting their products to CC-Link IE TSNs networks for future-proof applications.

Benefits of TSN

CC-Link IE TSN is the first open industrial network protocol to combine gigabit Ethernet bandwidth with TSN functionality, delivering the advances of network convergence. Using the new Anybus device, product developers now have increased options when it comes to designing products that can take advantage of these benefits. The device can easily be designed into new products, or provide a convenient upgrade path for companies already using Anybus interfaces.

Fast, reliable communication

The CLPA supported HMS Networks in the development of Anybus CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN, which is a fully compatible TSN product supporting certification class B. The award-winning Anybus NP40 industrial network processor is at the core of the CompactCom, ensuring high performance by transferring up to 1420 bytes of process data in each direction and guaranteeing synchronization accuracy of 1 μs or less.

As with all Anybus CompactCom 40 products, the CC-Link IE TSN interface is available in different formats, enabling customers to choose the form factor that suits their needs.

  • Module: An all-in-one solution that enables the fastest time to market. It includes hardware, firmware, as well as connectors, and is available with or without housing.
  • Brick: Hardware and firmware packaged in a very compact brick form factor. This is the best choice for applications with limited space, and if a specific connector or protection class is required.