Machine Control

TwinCAT and CAM connections increase productivity of fiber laser machining centers

May 14, 2022

Plasma-Tech Systems, based in Csongrád, Hungary, manufactures custom laser equipment and specialized machines. With the PTL 4001, a fully automatic processing center using a fiber laser was developed and automated with PC-based control and advanced laser cutting NC technology from Beckhoff. 

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Smart factory steel melt shop operations

May 10, 2022

ABB launches industry-first smart factory solution for safer, more autonomous and efficient steel melt shop operations.

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From warehouse to enterprise with edge computing

November 18, 2021

New hand sanitizer packaging plant uses unique automation architecture to run at the pace of modern business. A new connectivity solution puts dynamic manufacturing data at the edge of the production line and into enterprise systems simultaneously in real-time.

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AriZona’s new plant connects SCADA/MES with ERP

November 18, 2021

The AriZona Beverages plant will produce more than 60 million cases per year. The connection to ERP is just one of the SCADA system’s many benefits, which also include greater access to data, better mobility, improved efficiency, and lower costs.

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Dignified Motors introduces technology to mobility industry

March 30, 2021

An innovative engineer turns to edge controller technology to power an EPIC Chevy Silverado lift system. Opto 22 encourages you to think about how you can put your engineering skills to work to improve the life of someone near you.

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Scalable automation solution for heat exchanger manufacturing

July 1, 2020

PC-based automation, drive networking and Ethernet I/O reduces control technology cost and cycle times for OEM machinery builder. Use of EtherCAT technology improved PLC cycle times by 30% and reduced control system costs by approximately 30% when compared with equipment from previous vendors.

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Transforming data into machine performance insights

November 12, 2019

Plant manufacturer Scott Automation relied on power supply and data acquisition technology to upgrade its newest line of palletizers. Machine components that generate valuable data can be visualized using a warehouse management system to gain valuable insights into machine performance.

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Variable frequency drive design simpifies smart manufacturing

September 22, 2019

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) store a plethora of information that can be easily accessed. Regardless of the connection method, traditional fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet, the main objective can be to retrieve that production data and use it to create information that helps transform and drive business strategies.

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Mobile automation solutions for intelligent machinery

July 27, 2019

The challenge for manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery is how to implement intelligent semi autonomous machine functions quickly and maintain them long term. Working with a control system partner provides automation technology solutions similar to what is found in industrial manufacturing.

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Sawmill achieves performance improvements with CC-Link IE

May 27, 2019

DTE’s wooden packaging plant includes over one hundred inverter drives, all of which need to be controlled simultaneously and in real-time. A new communications network able enabled it to connect its inverters to PLCs, and ensure that the machines could instantly adjust operating parameters for optimal performance.

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