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Rugged instrumentation for reliable measurement and control

Moore Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of exceptionally rugged, reliable and high quality field and DIN rail mounted instrumentation for the process monitoring and control industries.

Service and Solutions

Moore Industries worldwide sales and support offices provide first rate customer service and solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, utilities, petroleum extraction, refining, pulp and paper, food and beverage, mining and metal refining, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology industries.

Moore Industries Worldwide

IIoT Solutions built to Deliver Field Data to your Host Systems

HART and MODBUS industrial communication protocols have dramatically increased access to device and process information that allows you to make more effective operational process decisions. Our Remote I/O systems including the NCS Net concentrator System® and HART gateways and converters such as the HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System and HCS HART to MODBUS Converter help integrate valuable data into your monitoring and control system strategy.

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Moore Industries Worldwide

Instrument Panels and Systems Engineering

Moore Industries can specify, procure, and assemble your multi-vendor electronic and pneumatic instrumentation/hardware into custom-built instrument panels, systems and enclosures. We will provide complete documentation, expert technical assistance, and the assurance that complete and thorough testing has been performed.

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Complete Temperature Solutions

Moore Industries Universal PC-Programmable, Smart HART® Temperature Transmitters convert and send RTD or thermocouple signals ready for direct interface with an indicator, recorder, PLC, DCS, or SCADA system. Temperature assemblies and measurement components include The WORM® flexible RTD and thermocouple sensors, connection heads and enclosures, thermowells and fittings. Our TCS Temperature Concentrator System provides precision measurements via HART or MODBUS RTU while significantly reducing hardware, wiring, and installation costs.

Programmable Alarm Trips

Provide on/off control, warn of trouble, or provide emergency shutdown with one or more programmable alarm (relay) outputs when a monitored process signal falls outside of a selected high and/or low limit. Our SPA2 Programmable Limit Alarm Trip accepts inputs from over thirty RTD and Thermocouple sensor types, provides two or four independent and individually-configurable alarm relay outputs, and offers an analog output (-AO) option for transmitter functionality to reduce installation costs/time.

Functional Safety Solutions

Our spectrum of SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable FS Functional Safety Series instruments include signal isolators and splitters, single and multi-loop alarm trips and logic solvers, temperature transmitters and more.. Every instrument is built and approved for use in Safety Instrument Systems and are third-party certified by exida to IEC 61508 standards.

More Than 50 Years Designing and Manufacturing Rugged and Reliable Instruments

Moore Industries has been proudly serving the process instrumentation needs of global manufacturers and automation companies since 1968. Designing, building and supporting more than 170 products across 14 product lines with unmatched systems support and services expertise.

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Rugged instrumentation for reliable measurement and control

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