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Shaping the future of open, autonomous industry

TTTech Industrial aspires to unlock the incredible potential of industrial automation, combining transformative technologies with hands-on experience to offer customers flexibility, reliability, and choice.

About Us

TTTech Industrial works with its customers to achieve their goals of smarter automation, better data access and more flexible manufacturing. It delivers simple and effective ways to bring IoT to industrial systems by providing product platforms that combine traditional automation functionality with secure access to IT services and deterministic connectivity.

Modular solution for flexible industrial edge computing

TTTech Industrial’s edge computing platform Nerve enables manufacturers to connect and manage their machines worldwide. Nerve is an open, modular solution that enables users to access data, manage devices and deploy applications remotely. TTTech Industrial offers a free trial that allows customers to familiarize themselves with Nerve’s features.

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© TTTech Industrial Automation AG

Deterministic networking platform for comprehensive TSN solutions

TTTech Industrial’s Slate enables users to quickly integrate TSN features and build TSN networks. Customers can choose different components (TSN device solutions, TSN device software, TSN network software) to build their TSN architecture. With the TSN starter kit, users can immediately implement and test TSN with their applications.

Reliable communication for smart grid networks

TTTech Industrial offers robust and reliable communication for substation automation and energy management. Flexibilis is a redundant networking product portfolio that includes FPGA IP cores and software for delivering high-availability seamless redundancy for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Technical articles, Company News and New Products

Remote access to assets for unsecure interfaces (e.g. HTTP). Secure access can be established via a trusted central management system.

Industrial Edge: remote access methods and security

Remote access to assets at the industrial edge iimproves flexibility for many workflows in diagnostics and maintenance.

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TTTech Nerve technology

Bringing edge computing to production

Open, flexible edge computing platform from TTTech Industrial provides a software infrastructure for shop floor and the cloud.

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TTTech Industrial acquires Nebbiolo for Industrial Edge Computing

Deal will result in what the company claims is the world’s most advanced industrial edge computing platform.

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OPC UA over TSN – integration and evaluation experiences

The need for edge computing means more connected devices that interact with the real-world based on the data they receive.

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TTTech Crosser Team Up

TTTech and Crosser team up to make edge computing simpler

Two leading solutions providers in the industrial IoT space are partnering to offer a unique edge computing package.

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TTTech Slate TSN Package Products

TSN starter package

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is the technology for an open, standard communications solution for Industrial IoT.

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News about Nerve software

Product News

Linux Foundation’s ACRN hypervisor achieves first commercial product integration in TTTech Industrial’s edge computing platform Nerve.

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Case Study - B&R Automation

Case Study

Partnering with TTTech Industrial has helped B&R to release a range of products that deliver TSN functionality

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News about Nerve Software Product

Technology News

TTTech Industrial’s open, flexible edge computing platform Nerve offers four modules that can be licensed individually or in combination.

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Nerve available on Microsoft Azure

Azure Marketplace

TTTech Industrial’s Nerve is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace that provides applications and services for use on Microsoft Azure.

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