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Shaping the future of open, autonomous industry

TTTech Industrial develops innovative computing and connectivity solutions that help customers to modernize industrial automation systems and become IoT leaders in their field.

About Us

TTTech Industrial works with its customers to achieve their goals of smarter automation, better data access and more flexible manufacturing. It delivers simple and effective ways to bring IoT to industrial systems by providing product platforms that combine traditional automation functionality with secure access to IT services and deterministic connectivity.

Modular solution for flexible industrial edge computing

TTTech Industrial’s edge computing platform Nerve enables manufacturers to connect and manage their machines worldwide. Nerve is an open, modular solution with a set of base features that provide a secure foundation for managing software and devices. A free trial enables customers to familiarize themselves with Nerve’s features.

Typical system diagram

Nerve is an open, flexible edge computing platform providing connectivity from the shop floor to the cloud. © TTTech Industrial

Reliable communication solutions for the energy sector

Today’s highly efficient and reliable energy networks, wind turbines and energy storage solutions require increased automation capabilities. TTTech Industrial offers a variety of solutions to support industrial automation in the energy market.

Supporting the generation of clean, renewable energy

TTTech Industrial’s scalable distributed control system has been integrated into more than 10,000 wind turbines by its longtime customer Vestas. TTTech Industrial’s edge computing platform Nerve can also support energy storage solutions and wind turbines in remote areas with real-time machine data access, software management and offline operation capabilities.

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Nerve software architecture diagram

Nerve from TTTech Industrial: a Secure Basis for Edge Computing - September 15, 2022

Photo: © TTTech Industrial

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TTTech system diagram

Interview with TTTech Industrial included in “The rising role of Industrial Edge Computing in the IIoT” – July 19, 2022

Photo: © TTTech Industrial

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Safety control systems for wind turbines

World’s first 15 MW wind turbine built by Vestas includes TTTech Industrial’s distributed control system (DCS) [Photo: © Vestas]

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Nerve software

TTTech Industrial’s IIoT solution Nerve supports smart manufacturing

The latest release, Nerve 2.5.0, further optimizes features and user experience – August 12, 2022 [Photo: © TTTech Industrial]

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Design to production image

EU project Change2Twin

TTTech Industrial takes part in Change2Twin, supporting European SMEs in their digitalization journey. [Photo: © Chesky/Shutterstock]

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Green manufacturing technology symbol


Energy storage – providing industrial automation solutions to the energy sector with the open edge computing platform Nerve. [Photo: © laymanzoom/Shutterstock]

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Bottling plant


Benefits of edge computing platforms food processing equipment manufacturers – saving cost through hardware virtualization with Nerve. [Photo: © Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock]

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing


Building a digitalization infrastructure for the process industry using the “Infrastructure as Code (IaC)” approach. [Photo: © Pavel Chagochkin/Shutterstock]

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