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EtherCAT Slave IC

EtherCAT Slave IC

This solution targets industrial fieldbus applications that need to support EtherCAT standard communications functionalities.

The AX58200 is a 2/3-port EtherCAT Slave Controller SoC equipped with ARM Cortex-M4F core with DSP extension runs up to 192 MHz and EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) with two integrated Fast Ethernet PHYs.

AX58200 also supports additional communication interfaces such as 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC with RMII and hardware cryptography accelerator, HS USB OTG, SPI/UART/I2C/I2S/CAN/PWM, etc.

The AX58100 is a 2/3-port EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) with two embedded Fast Ethernet PHYs. The AX58100 also provides SPI slave and Local bus Process Data Interfaces (PDI) to provide an easy way for system designers to implement the standard EtherCAT communication functionalities on those traditional non-EtherCAT MCU and DSP industrial platforms.

AX58x00 family is interoperable with all EtherCAT systems with standard EtherCAT protocols such as CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE), File Access over EtherCAT (FoE), Vendor Specific-protocol over EtherCAT (VoE), etc. and is suitable for motor/motion control, digital I/O control, sensors data acquisition, robotics, EtherCAT IO-Link master, EtherCAT Junction slave module, etc. industrial automation fieldbus applications.

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