New ProductsJuly 18, 2022

Edge computing for industrial applications

Edge computing

As edge computing creates new opportunities for industries, the demand to run applications at the Edge using high-performance industrial-grade devices is growing.

Essential in IIoT solutions, the portfolio of Edge computing devices from Siemens provide a reliable, flexible, and secure platform for deploying Siemens, third-party and self-developed Edge computing applications into networks in industrial and harsh environments, bringing intelligence and data processing closer to the source in real-time.

Processing data locally ensures that bandwidth and latency issues are addressed, while forwarding only relevant data to the Cloud.

Devices such as Scalance LPE, a local processing engine with a powerful CPU, Ruggedcom APE for the RX1500 family, an industrial application hosting platform and Ruggedcom RX1400 + VPE, an ARM-based virtual processing environment, can easily integrate Edge computing applications to perform advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and other tasks. Additional applications can be installed for predictive maintenance, secure remote access, network management and anomaly-based intrusion detection.

Siemens provides cost-effective and customized solutions that help businesses make informed decisions, while reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, safety, flexibility and security.