New ProductsJanuary 9, 2023

Gateways optimize data transfer

New Moxa gateways optimize communication from ModBus edge devices to Azure and AWS cloud platforms.

New gateways optimize communication from Modbus edge devices to Azure and AWS cloud platforms.

Bringing the cloud closer to the edge, new AIG-100 Series of industrial-grade gateways support data conversion and reliable transfer from Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII devices to Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and MQTT cloud platforms. Adding to its value, AIG-100 Series gateways support Modbus TCP slave mode, enabling simultaneous transmission of data to a cloud platform and local SCADA system to help accelerate the deployment of the Industrial IoT (IIoT).

With AIG-100 gateways, the benefits of the cloud — lower costs, increased agility, ability to scale up and down, faster innovation — can be extended from the plant floor to remote field sites where sensors, meters, and inverters collect data critical to the IIoT’s convergence of operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT). To bridge the IT/OT gap, the gateways have built-in traffic monitoring and diagnosis tools for troubleshooting communication issues for both IT (Azure, AWS, MQTT) and OT (Modbus) protocols. These tools let engineers remotely access the gateway, identify the root cause, and quickly bring operations back online.

As the number of sites grow, the gateway’s provisioning tool reduces downtime associated with initial deployments and provides remote administration of devices. An intuitive software wizard configures ioLogik remote I/Os and UPorts hubs with a few clicks, eliminating complex driver installation and device setup so network administrators can realize plug-and-play ease for I/O and serial interfaces.

Most edge systems require additional programming to process data. Moxa AIG-100 Series gateways will pre-process edge data and directly transfer meaningful data back to the application, such as on-site conditions, operational trends, and energy usage. It will also support store-and-forward and datalogger functions to prevent data loss.