New ProductsJanuary 13, 2021

Wireless Communication with WiFi-C and WiFi-Pro

WiFi Client Diagram

New WLAN adapters WiFi-C and WiFi-Pro from SIGMATEK simplify wireless CPU communication, as well as programming a CPU from a wireless device.

With the compact WLAN adapters WiFi-C and WiFi-Pro from SIGMATEK, efficient wireless CPU communication is enabled. Using the WiFi adapters, the network cable can be easily replaced. Automation can therefore be economically integrated into the existing in-house IT system – if no wired infrastructure is available. An additional advantage is a simple, comfortable online connection for servicing. The adapters operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and can be used worldwide without limitations. The Plug & Play WiFi-C device, which functions as a client, is already available. WiFi-Pro is planned for further development, whereby the adapter can be configured as a client or access point.


The WiFi-C can be easily connected to any existing infrastructure with a wireless router. By connecting to the router with a laptop, all service functions are available – naturally with the usual transmission security and specific password.

WiFi Access Point


When using the WiFi-Pro, you can set whether it is used as a client, as with WiFi-C, or as an access point. With the latter, no additional network is required to create a connection between the control and the laptop as well as tablet or smartphone.

Both variations support the USB A interface. With the integrated engineering platform LASAL, the control can be comfortably programmed over a virtual connection. Ready-to-use classes and visualization components for selecting access points as well as entering passwords are available.