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IEC 63171-7 M12 connector and device socket combines SPE and power contacts for a “one device – one interface” strategy for miniaturized future device generations.

New Standard for M12 Hybrid SPE and Power Interfaces

The SPE Industrial Partner Network is driving IEC 63171-7 standard for M12 hybrid Single Pair Ethernet and power …

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Market shares 2022 according to HMS Networks – fieldbus, industrial Ethernet and wireless.

2022 Industrial Network Market Shares according to HMS Networks

2022 Industrial network market shares according to HMS Networks including fieldbus, industrial Ethernet and wireless networks. Every year, …

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Figure 1. AiR GUARD Industrial IoT Cellular Smart Security Gateway

EtherWAN Announces Launch of AiR GUARD Industrial IoT Cellular Smart Security Gateway

EtherWAN, recognizing the ever-increasing importance of security in wireless data transmission, as well as the need for trust …

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TE Phoenix Joint Development Lockup

Single Pair Ethernet hybrid cable assemblies

TE Connectivity and Phoenix Contact have announced a joint development agreement for Single Pair Ethernet hybrid cable assemblies.

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Smart Manufacturing plant

Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL: 2022 Special Report

Learn what industry experts are saying about the development of Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL technologies, along with …

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Hardware Module for Implementing Ethernet-APL Field Devices

Hardware Module for Implementing Ethernet-APL Field Devices

commModule APL, a new hardware module from Softing Industrial Automation, is designed to support device manufacturers in implementing …

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Lamination coils of various widths can feed into the X-Shear, depending on transformer core sizes. Picture: © Beckhoff

PC-based control and EtherCAT boost machine throughput 55%

A fully integrated EtherCAT control platform has resulted in an efficient and precise machine for manufacturing transformer cores. …

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A look inside the machine gives an idea of the complexity and variety of the motion sequences, right up to the XTS system (foreground).

EtherCAT technology and applications update

Ethernet for Control Automation Technology (EtherCAT) is a real-time Industrial Ethernet technology. An update from industry experts reveals …

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Industry experts weigh in on Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL technologies. A special report provides the latest on EtherCAT Technology Solutions.

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