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Analog Devices On Demand Webinar

Designing Industrial Connectivity Solutions for the Smart Factory

Join this webinar to learn from ADI experts who have an in-depth understanding of the challenges encountered in …

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EtherWAN EX73900X series

Layer 3 Managed Switch with 10G Bandwidth

New switch from EtherWAN provides high bandwidth and high electromagnetic compatibility for industrial automation, machine vision, enhanced data, …

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Nerve node software runs on devices at the edge and the Nerve Management System runs in the cloud or on a local server.

Nerve: a Secure Basis for Edge Computing

The Nerve software platform serves as a secure foundation to manage software and devices in plants across the …

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Industrial cybersecurity shield image

Five Key Questions about Industrial Cybersecurity

To improve security, IT security requirements for industrial communication standards and development processes must now be carefully considered …

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Industrial cybersecurity image

Threat Modeling Using CIP Security and EtherNet/IP

Threat Modeling is an important activity for the security of any system involving protected resources and communication interfaces. …

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To monitor power usage and quality, the power supply equipment including switchgears, PDUs, and UPSs connect to networks to allow operators to receive real-time information. .

Enhancing Cybersecurity for Connected Serial Devices

High-profile cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure has underlined the need for industrial organizations to prioritize cybersecurity. This article discusses …

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Figure 1 EtherNet/IP over TLS and DTLS layering.

Expanding CIP Security with CIP Authorization Profile

The CIP Security Authorization Profile enhances CIP to provide additional security properties such as general, flexible authorization where …

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The diaphragm embossing machine from Keller AG, which appears in anti-reflective red light, can be conveniently operated from all sides via the customer-specific CP3921 multi-touch Control Panel.

Open and scalable controls automate process sequences

Diaphragm embossing machine for pressure sensor technology illustrates how the demanding process sequences can be automated with the …

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