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Industrial Ethernet 2022 Special Report

2022 Industrial Ethernet Showcase Special Report

2022 Special Report in the Industrial Ethernet Book explores the latest technologies and trends in industrial networking including Single Pair Ethernet, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IIoT software solutions.

Industrial Ethernet Showcase 2022 Special ReportThis “2022 Industrial Ethernet Showcase” provides the perspective of industry experts and their insights into the development of the Industrial Ethernet technologies and megatrends shaping and enabling development of industrial networks. Key technologies include the continued emergence of Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL, 5G, TSN, Gigabit Ethernet, and new levels of standardization at the device level. Network architectures are going through a period of rapid innovation with an increased need for greater levels of IT-OT convergence and cybersecurity solutions.

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Smart Manufacturing plant

2022 Industrial Ethernet networking special report

Industrial Ethernet technology provides effective building blocks for corporate and smart manufacturing networks worldwide. In this special report, industry experts provide information on the latest SPE trends, solutions to improve IIoT performance, network convergence and the impact of Time Sensitive Networking.

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Ultra-compact C6030 Industrial PCs (left) – supplied via Beckhoff PS series power supplies (right) – play a central role as edge gateways.

Prepared for the future with seamless data transparency

TwinCAT 3 IoT Data Agent feeds the data lake at Wienerberger AG. In the digitalization initiative, the Group started sending several million measured values to the cloud every day for analysis, to derive actionable insights in all areas of the company as a basis for targeted optimization measures.

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Today’s edge controllers and I/O systems bridge the OT/IT gap by combining traditional real-time control and sensing functions with communication, storage, security, and data processing functions previously found only in higher-level systems. (pictured: Opto 22’s groov EPIC edge controller, 2019)

The evolution of control Industrial Ethernet system connectivity

Take a moment to reflect on where we’ve come from to better understand the connectivity technologies that will help you achieve your goals. Beyond the point when we have connected everything to everything, which technologies will win the day? Thriving organizations are the ones who are paying attention to history.

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The PoE injector is inserted mid-span between a standard Ethernet switch and Ethernet powered device. The injector operates from 24 VAC/VDC and internally generates the 48 VDC PoE power for the powered device — eliminating grounded primary power concerns while providing isolated 15.4 W power output.

Custom PoE injector powers explosion-proof CCTV camera

Power over Ethernet (PoE) can adds power along with data to Ethernet wiring, so devices can be powered via standard Ethernet cabling. Eaton used a PoE mid-span injector to provide a compact power source in their CCTV camera housings, saving time and cost by eliminating the need to run separate power wires.

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Lapp Etherline Guard

Predictive maintenance monitors Industrial Ethernet data cables

Although cables usually last for many years, in situations with highly dynamic, demanding movements with high speeds and strong torsion, it is advantageous and cost-effective to monitor the connection systems in order to avoid unexpected downtimes which impair productivity.

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Example of a PoE circuit.

Power over Ethernet— supply for Ethernet devices via data lines

Learn how Industrial Ethernet devices can use effective cabling for simultaneously transmitting data and for supplying power. Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems are widely used in the industry and will play an important role in the future. Why not use the Ethernet cable for both data transmission and supply?

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EtherWAN Industrial Ethernet Switch

Secure and manageable smart network at lightning speeds

New Ethernet switch technology offers cost-effective and operational efficiencies to meet expectations and simplify the burden of configuration for effective industrial networking. The switches offer four operating modes that can be selected through the mode button, dealing with different scenarios.

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The EDS-4000/G4000 Series presents a networking-evolved concept of networking capabilities for building secure, reliable, and high-bandwidth industrial networks.

IEC 62443 security enables next-generation industrial networking

Next-generation industrial networking solutions help provide futureproof industrial automation leveraging robust hardware, as well as high-performance and dependable networks. IEC 62443-4-1 offers security technology to unite networking and OT cybersecurity using a layered defense-in-depth approach.

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