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Transforming data into machine performance insights

Scott Automation leveraged data acquisition technology in its latest line of palletizers.

Plant manufacturer Scott Automation relied on power supply and data acquisition technology to upgrade its newest line of palletizers. Machine components that generate valuable data can be visualized using a warehouse management system to gain valuable insights into machine performance.

Scott Automation is a manufacturer of high quality automation systems, and its core expertise is high end palletizers which automatically compile packages on load carriers. In order to meet rapidly changing market requirements and customer expectations, Scott relied on data acquisition technology to help transform its latest development, the PAL 4.0 palletizer.

Focus on digital transformation

Integrating the power supply system into the digital world of automation allows Scott to make the plant Industrie 4.0 ready.

Integrating the power supply system into the digital world of automation allows Scott to make the plant Industrie 4.0 ready.

The solution offers a higher degree of safety, flexibility and transparency, allowing Scott not only to capture the data generated by the plant but also to evaluate it and make it available for machine optimization. The power supply system from Siemens is also the only one of its kind to be completely integrated into the digital world of automation, fulfilling the company’s aim of making its machines Industrie 4.0 ­ready.

“We’re one of the few OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies worldwide that can offer reliable and safe, high capacity, multi­line palletizing solutions,” said Mathieu Vandevelde, Automation Engineer Manager at Scott. “With the PAL 4.0, we wanted to push the envelope even further in terms of flexibility and uptime.”

In addition to this, Scott also wanted to make more use of the data produced by all the machine components. “Machine components can generate really valuable data. We were confident that, by visualizing that data and sending it to the warehouse management system, we’d gain valuable insights into the machine’s performance,” said Vandevelde. It quickly became clear that, above all, the power supply would be able to provide particularly important data which is why Scott decided to use Siemens Sitop PSU8600 power supplies.

Two of the most important functions of the new technology are that Sitop supplies comprehensive diagnostic data and operational information from a wide range of sources via Profinet, the open Industrial Ethernet standard. In addition, the power supply system is completely integrated into the digital world of automation, supporting Scott in making its own plants Industrie 4.0­ ready.

The Sitop PSU8600 is also completely integrated into the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal engineering framework. The data is therefore backed up and available on a central platform.

Big plans for the future

The Siemens technology also offers integrated safety functions and the option of programming the system remotely. In addition to the Sitop PSU8600, other operational components on the PAL 4.0 include a Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel Simatic HMI TP1200 Comfort Pro and other products from the Siemens portfolio.

“This project marks the first time we’re using other components as well. The team has been very communicative, and we definitely look forward to integrating more Siemens components into our machines in the future,” Vandevelde added.

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