Beckhoff: System-integrated overcurrent protection with EtherCAT
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Blockout and lock-in devices


Blockout and lock-in devices

The more people who have access to plant floor systems and processes, the greater the probable risks of security threats. To help protect a system from accidental or malicious events, it is necessary to take precautions. Physical security solutions that help control access to automation devices can be effective additions to other layers of security employed in contemporary control systems.

Network accessories from Panduit offer a way to secure industrial network components. Blockout devices inserted into unused Ethernet ports, LC and SC adapters and USB ports help prevent unauthorized access to the network infrastructure, enhancing protection of the industrial control system. The design of the Panduit blockout device easily snaps into unused Ethernet ports and is released with the removal tool. Using different colors, it’s easy to highlight ports that are restricted or designated for special purposes.

The versatile design of the lock-in device is compatible with existing Ethernet patch cords, faceplates, patch panels, Ethernet cameras and other IP devices. Similar to blockouts, lock-in devices prevent unauthorized access to the network infrastructure helping to prevent removal of network cables from active Ethernet ports. Also, available in different colors, Panduit lock-in devices complement blockouts to help identify and protect individual network segments and the larger enterprise infrastructure.


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