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Study looks at the preparedness of industry for 5G

New research from HMS Networks shows that half of the industry professionals surveyed are clearly positive about 5G in manufacturing, and see it as a way to achieve universal connectivity.

A SURVEY OF INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY professionals in spring 2019 inquired about the positioning of wireless communication in their companies, and to see how they are getting ready for the launch of 5G. The results of this study provides state-of-the-art insights into the current situation in the manufacturing industry in terms of 5G preparedness.

The research conducted by HMS Networks provides an overview of the industryís opinions towards 5G technology as an emerging trend and future standard in the manufacturing and industrial automation industry. It also touches on the use of wireless technologies in the industry today and future directions of this technology.

Research showed remote monitoring going wireless, but the usage of wireless technologies is also quite broad.

Key research takeaways

Key findings of the research study included the following insights:

More than half (54%) of the interviewees indicated using wireless communication solutions for remote monitoring and remote operation of assets. One third of the respondents (34%) stated that their companies were using wireless communication for different kinds of IIoT.

Half of the interviewees (48%) were clearly positive about 5G in manufacturing. They mostly appreciated that the technology will replace cables, unreliable Wi-Fi, and the many industrial standards in use today.

For the majority (58%) of the respondents, the reliability and robustness of wireless systems plays a decisive role in whether to adopt 5G or not, and this was voiced equally by representatives of OT and IT. Low latency was mentioned as important by more than a quarter (26%) of the interviewees.

"The survey clearly showed that the industry is getting increasingly aware of 5G benefits for industrial communication. What the industry really needs is technical information and practical examples" said Marcela Alzin, Program Manager at HMS Labs at HMS Networks, who conducted the research. "This is why I created a fictional model of a typical OT professional and his attitude towards 5G. This should help to better understand the situation on the market".

Waiting to see

Sixteen percent of respondents were rather neutral in expressing their views about the possible usage of 5G in industry. The following answers were obtained:

  • "Will see when first 5G capable machines are in operation"
  • "Wait until (3GPP) Release 16 is approved"
  • "Customers are already asking about it"
  • "I am aware of 5G but donít know much about it"

This shows a rather cautious approach of some companies which prefer to observe the activities of early adopters and then decide if they will use 5G on their own factory floor (or develop 5G capable products).

The neutral statements came mostly from OT people and proportionally there was no difference in terms of company size of respondents.

To download a copy of the whitepaper, visit

Press release by HMS Networks.

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 115 / 3
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