Industrial Ethernet Switches Product Showcase

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Industrial Ethernet Switches Showcase

Learn about the technology trends, new products and applications shaping the newest generation of Industrial Ethernet Switches.

Trends & Applications

EtherWAN EX73900X series

Layer 3 Managed Switch with 10G Bandwidth

New switch from EtherWAN provides high bandwidth and high electromagnetic compatibility for industrial automation, machine vision, enhanced data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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Moxa MDS G4000

Industrial Ethernet Switches Technology Trends

Industry experts provide information on the latest trends in new products, solutions to improve network management and support for new technologies such as TSN.

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Protocol tools such as Wireshark can capture any network traffic that goes through the switch regardless of the port location of the traffic.

Industrial diagnostic switch simplifies system testing

Testing and system debugging Ethernet switches is a significant issue for machine builders.

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Secure and reliable network switches increase productivity

A state-of-the-art industrial network provides a stable, reliable, and secure communication backbone for all operations at the Orkla Group facility in Indre Arna.

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Smart window onboard ORLYVAL Service SA shuttle. Picture credit: RATP Group

Data communications technology supports passenger train displays

Using smart LCD windows, the ORLYVAL shuttle is able to display information relating to departing flights, the weather forecast for destination cities and more.

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New Products

NT4008 Profinet

Gigabit managed PROFINET switches

NT4008 full Gigabit managed PROFINET Ethernet switches from Red Lion Controls are designed for Industry 4.0 environments.

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Phoenix Contact TSN Switch

Managed switches with TSN capability

FL Switch TSN 2300 devices from Phoenix Contact facilitate the setup of time-synchronous applications for real-time performance.

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Do more with less by using multiple functions on the same physical infrastructure.

Multi-service platforms

New rugged multi-service platforms from Siemens offer enhanced switching, routing and security for OT networks.

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Moxa Eds 2000 El Ml Series Portfolio

Unmanaged Ethernet switches

New unmanaged Ethernet switches from Moxa offer a compact footprint as small as a credit card.

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Kontron 1280 Switch

Industrial Ethernet long-term availability

New KSwitch family switches from Kontron offer high-performance, cost-effective models implementing Gigabit Ethernet.

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Siemens Power Over Ethernet

Switch offers intelligent connections

Data and power supply from Siemens can be provided for up to 26 devices using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

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M12 IP65/67 PoE Ethernet Switch

PoE switches from TERZ can be decentralized without needing a control cabinet, directly in the field.

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Antaira industrial Ethernet switch

PoE & Non-PoE Ethernet switches

High-power 802.3bt PoE++ connectivity solutions from Antaira include new 6-port managed Industrial Ethernet switches.

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Catalyst IE3x00 rugged switches

New switches from Cisco offer full Gigabit Ethernet speed, modular design and high-level security features.

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Relyum TSN Switch

Extended portfolio of TSN devices

SoC-e’s Time Sensitive Networking technology (MTSN IP Core) offers comprehensive TSN solutions.

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Moxa MDS G4000 Series New

Modular Ethernet switches

Next-level network versatility from Moxa enables industrial users to optimize future networking investments.

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Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches

Industrial managed 2.5G/10G switches from CTC Union provide stable, reliable Ethernet transmissions over optical fiber.

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Learn about the technology trends, new products and applications shaping the newest generation of Industrial Ethernet Switches.

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Moxa MDS G4000